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Stockyard Angus Beef Burger (2 x 250g)

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Storage Instructions: Store chilled between 1°C - 4°C


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These Angus Beef Burgers are made with 100% pure halal beef with an 80/20 lean to fat ratio.
Stockyard's long-fed beef comes from Angus cattle fed on a specially formulated high energy grain ration for a minimum of 200 days at Kerwee, Eastern Australia.
The meat from Angus beef is renowned for its sensational taste and tenderness. To guarantee taste, flavour and safety, Stockyard uses only locally grown wheat, barley and sorghum.
Angus beef has more marbling than regular beef, and the fat content is more evenly distributed, resulting in juicier and more tender beef. It has more fat and much less lean meat than regular beef.

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