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Cheese Board DIY Box


Fresh pre-portioned ingredients with easy recipe instruction.
Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated if not use immediately.

United Arab Emirates

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Don't know what food to prepare, worry no more, with our easy to prepare DIY Box, not only save your time, but gives you and your family a healthy meal.

One of our favorite recipe:

The box contains fresh and great-tasting variety of cheese, meat, fruits, vegetalbes, and crackers to balance nutrition.
Show up your creativity and impress your family or guest, with Cheese Board Box.

1 pc - Kashkaval Cheese
1 pc - Shanklish Cheese
1 pc - Labneh Balls
1 pc - Blue Cheese
1 pc - Brie Cheese
250 gm - Celery
100 gm - Grapes
1 pack - Strawberries
1 pc - Apple
100 gm - Fruit Preserve
1 small - Packet Flatbread/craker
1 pack - 100g Mixed Fruits and Nuts
1 pc - Smoked Tuna Carpaccio Slices
1 pc - Beef Brisket Slices
1 pc - Smoked turkey Slices
1 pc - Salami Slices
80 gm - Pickled Gherkins
100 gm - Black Olives
100 gm - Green Olives

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